The Hebrew Roots Cult Movement

The root of their symptomatic heresies (a deviation from the truth) is hermeneutics ( interpret scripture, especially of the Bible) in nature. The Protestant Reformers used a grammatical-literal hermeneutic when interpreting scripture. In other words, it means what it says unless there is a significant reason to believe otherwise. This movement uses a grammatical-historical hermeneutic with a twist. Their underlying assumptions when approaching any scripture are:

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'

hebrews-roots-movement-cult-exposed-by-messianic-christian-jew-mark-biltz-jim-staley-119-ministriesHebrew Roots Movement (HRM) claims to be a Christian religious movement that advocates the return and adherence to the first century walk of faith and obedience to the Torah  by Jesus (known as Yeshua HaMashiach, the Hebrew name for “Jesus the Messiah“) by seeking a better understanding of the culture, history, and religio-political backdrop of that era which led to the core differences with both the Jewish, and later, the Christian communities.

Joseph Good provides a good summary of religio-political history: “To support the Jewish people, or even Jewish customs, was interpreted as not being loyal to Rome…pressure was being put on Jewish believers from three sides: first, from the non-believing pagans who hated anything Jewish; second, from the non-believing Jews who feared their power among the people; and third, within their own congregations by the new gentile believers who were entering the faith already affected by the rampant…

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